Life in photos or photos from life


 Hello, dear friends! We would like you to present the stuff series of TAK NADA studio Dnipropetrovsk devoted to wedding photography, as this is very responsible part of art photography. It is not the first year since our photographers went in for wedding photos in a big way, and have managed to gain invaluable experience, which helps to keep the best moments of the ceremony.

 Today let us talk about an active photo. So, what is the active photo in general idea? Firstly, this is not the picture of grimacing, jumping or any comic and caricature scene, this is the picture, which is more like flash back, where you can feel the breeze of it. This is how we see our creative work related to wedding describing the active photos.

What do we do? For whom we do it? Why do we do it?

 We are taking weddings and this is a holiday for us, not just a photo shoot, because usually the time spent for photo shoot is about one hour or even less. That is why the meetings with our clients are held as a celebration. We say to newly married couple that a wedding is not a photo session, that is a holiday and they have to celebrate it at most, sincerely feel every moment of this day. We can count on fingers such events as wedding, there are marriage, blessed event, baptism, first step, kindergarten, school etc. These days are highly emotional, we would not want to spoil such moment and day by continuous photo shoot. On this day we want to catch people's happiness, it may not necessarily be sparkling and passionate. The event can be quiet and peaceful, people can shine from within without wild and crazy actions. Therefore, we always mention that to our clients. Exactly this discussion is the result of those active photos, when people understand what we do mean by that, and initially on the wedding day, they will try to show what we asked them before. They need to be out of troubles, to feel deeply every single moment as much as possible. This is what we do, we are trying to impress the big holiday, not just a simple photo session.

 We do this for people and in no cases for ourselves. We thought that we are pro and cool, we can see such scene in this way and that is how we take photos, so you should trust and understand us. Actually not, we are taking photos for people, because a wedding is not a creative work at all, this is a craft, where people expect a result from us and want to see how beautiful and happy they are. We think that our creative approach is not necessary for you, as you are interested in photos that make you remember, feel the same, come through this moment of the picture again.

 And why? We do this because we like it! For the recent time, we are committed to the principle to follow our inclinations and do the pleasant work. And first of all, we do not take care of business that brings only some profits, we do this for our joy. Afterward, benefit comes. When you do your favorite thing, the drive comes, the efficiency exceeds 200% and the success will be reached. Just do your favourite pursuit and you will achieve a great deal.

Yours faithfully, TAK NADA studio